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New versions of tkz-graph and tkz-berge

March 8, 2011

Finally, the much expected new versions (1.00 c) of tzk-graph and tkz-berge were released by Alain Matthes last week, and can be downloaded from Altermundus download zone.

I expect to post several examples using the new capabilities of the packages. For the time being, I will only say that:

  • \grCycle (and \grEmptyCycle) has an optional argument rotation that, well, rotates the cycle by the given degrees, hence eliminating the need to use the scope environment.
  • The commands like \SetUpVertex and \SetVertexNormal accept also several optional arguments, so that one can avoid setting styles with \tikzset.
  • All of the commands that draw Edges (except \EdgeDoubleMod, that has already nine arguments) can accept optional arguments, changing the look and/or style of the edge.

For example, the line graph of the Petersen graph can be drawn now as:

  {\tikzset{EdgeStyle/.append style = {blue,line width=3pt}}
  {\tikzset{EdgeStyle/.append style = {green,line width=2pt}}

Line graph of the Petersen graph

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